Eco Firewood Logs – XL Crate

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Eco Firewood Logs – XL Crate

Dimensions: 113cm x 125cm x 85cm

Approx: 360 Logs

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Eco XL Crates
1 x Eco Firewood Logs – XL Crate
£220 £210.00
2 x Eco Firewood Logs – XL Crate
3 x Eco Firewood Logs – XL Crate
4 x Eco Firewood Logs – XL Crate
Kindling Sticks
£4 £3.70
Crate Removal
Crate Removal
£5.00 £3.50
XL Crate Rain Jacket
Rain Jacket for XL Crate (Green)
Rain Jacket for XL Crate (Grey)
Regular Price£220.00
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  • hand-packedTightly Hand Packed
  • axeiconCut to 25cm & split
  • logs-iconApprox. 360 logs
  • ash-leafAlder hardwood
  • kiln-driedKiln dried under 18%
  • deliveryFree Delivery

Product Description

Our Eco Firewood Logs are a brilliant budget option for your firewood source.

Eco Firewood Logs however do lack the aesthetic appeal of traditional logs. They also do not offer the range of aromas that our Deluxe and Sterling Silver logs do.

If you want a fuel that has very low levels of moisture (like eco logs do) but still has the appearance and smell of traditional firewood, you should consider using kiln dried logs. While our Eco Logs are a fantastic budget and starter option if you after the full effect from your fire please consider using our Deluxe or Sterling Silver range.

Free Delivery

If you are in the shaded map area, then it is highly likely that your product will be delivered by our in-house delivery team who’s intention is to make your delivery a great experience. We can always get your firewood where you would like to prevent double handling.

If in doubt about the delivery method please email or call us on 0800 112 3469 (photos are always helpful).

How to Store Firewood

It is very important that once you have bought and had your firewood delivered that you are storing the logs in the best way.

It is vital that the logs are under cover, a log store or our jackets are ideal.

The logs need to be stored in a place where they are off the ground in a dry area where they can get good air flow. Good air flow is crucial as it moves the air preventing any moisture in the air to be absorb by the logs.


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